Fourth update of Ekklesia 360 - Foundations now available

From the announcement:

Good news churches & ministry website owners!  We've released the fourth update to Ekklesia 360 since we launched ‘Foundations' in October (see Ekklesia 360 Foundations Project Announced).  On occasion releases that do not impact user experience directly will be released on a ongoing basis but releases that include new or changed features will have an accompany blog post.

  • Nav items are more easily editable to point to any URL and can open in a new window.
  • Resellers can now view current site information from “Site Config” header menu.
  • Events can now push status updates to Twitter and Facebook (like sermons and blogposts).
  • Images can now be featured with individual blog posts.
  • RSVP and purchase confirmation emails now can include custom form information.
  • Books and Booklists are now automatically assigned to the Site Group by default.
  • Improved the Role list screen for users with role permissions.

Watch a brief video and read about other improvements at the Ekklesia 360 CMS Update page.