Focus on Genius: Matt Mullenweg

This young man is the brains and brawn behind the single most popular blogging platform on the planet: WordPress. What's more impressive than accomplishing something this colossall? Well, how about being just 25 years old!

Let's highlight some of Matt's accomplishments in his 25 years on the planet:

In 2003:

  • He formed WordPress by forking some code from b2/cafelog.
  • He co-founded the Global Multimedia Protocols Group.

In 2004:

  • He formed Ping-o-Matic with Dougal Campbell.
  • Was recruited by CNET to work on WordPress for them. He dropped out of College at this point.
  • He announced bbPress, a forum software similar to WordPress in simplicity.

In 2005:

  • Left Cnet and launched Akismet.
  • became open to the public.
  • AutoMattic was announced.

In 2006:

  • Raised about 1.1 million for AutoMattic in funding.
  • The first WordPress conference occurred.
  • named #16 of the 50 Most Important People on the Web by PC World
  • Acquired Gravatar.

There's a ton more of course, such as recently being launched and the acquisition of PollDaddy amongst others.

For someone who has just recently hit 25.. not a bad list of accomplishments.

We look forward to many more developments.

*date source: wikipedia