First official alpha of Typo3 4.6 is now available

The first alpha release of the upcoming Typo3 4.6 has been made available to the public. Typo3 CMS 4.6 is due to be released in stable around October, 2011 so if you are interested in assisting them with meeting this target, please download and test this alpha and provide your feedback and bug reports.

This alpha release incorporates the following changes from 4.5:

  • PHP 5.3: PHP 5.3.0 is available since nearly two years and is now included in all stable releases of major web server package repositories. As such, PHP 5.3.0 or above is now mandatory.
  • Safe mode: Although still supported by PHP 5.3 (but deprecated), safe mode is not supported anymore.
  • IE6: Internet Explorer 6 is not supported anymore for the TYPO3 backend. This means that the community will not care anymore if some functionality is not working or not displayed as it should when using IE6. If you are forced to use this obsolete browser, you should not use TYPO3 4.6 but keep using 4.5 LTS instead. Of course, TYPO3 still lets you targeting the frontend part at IE6.
  • ImageMagick: Support for ImageMagick v4 and v5 has been dropped. ImageMagick v6 or GraphicsMagick is now mandatory.

The release plan for 4.6, the schedule and the planned projects are detailed in the project wiki on forge.

More information can be found on their home page: