Firerift - An amazingly unique new CMS has arrived

There are a lot of great looking CMS products on the market.. but usually ease of use is not part in parcel with their beauty. Such is not the case with Firerift. This is one heck of a nice system.

Firerift is the result of three years worth of reincarnations from a php based CMS called Cobalt to where it is today and we have to say, we like the end result!

Adding articles and blog entries is simple and done from a very functional and attractive interface:

This product is both a thing of beauty and a very functional product but don't take our word for it. Check out this screencast and if that doesn't convince you..

Then you definitely need to take this puppy for a test drive.

This is a product that will have you reaching for your pocketbook in no time and is stunning, fast and functional. Right now, it's available for $49 which is an incredibly good deal and is making us think of how we can put this bad boy to use somewhere.

Feature wise, here's a breakdown:

  • photo and video galleries
  • powerful blogging engine
  • create your own lifestream
  • tagging and live filter searching
  • brandable interface
  • multiple users
  • page snips and much more.

Full feature set can be found here: Firerift Features.

Update: 8/27/09 – There is some interesting discussion going on about this product and it's SEO functionality being that the front end is java based. It makes for an interesting read and may be a factor when considering a purchase: