feindura CMS 2.0 has been Released

feindura has released version 2.0 of their CMS. feindura is a flat file based CMS, which is made for small websites and web-designers which want to give their clients a neat and simple interface to edit their web site.

This is a major update and brings a complete new interface and features like plugins and add-ons to feindura.

feindura is a pure content deliver CMS, which means it is not possible to edit the web sites layout in the feindura backend. This way the web-designer is able to determine the layout, give his clients as much freedom as they need (to add pages and categories), without overwhelming them with too much options. Often CMS add more and more options, which make them very flexible for the user but hard to grasp for non-tech beginners.


The pages created in feindura are solely add to the web site through an PHP class, which makes it on the one hand very flexible in how the layout can look like, but on the other hand prevent feindura to mess with the layout itself.

This way its easy to convert any static HTML/CSS website with a few lines of code by adding for example:

foreach($feindura->createMenu(‘cat',1,'ul') as $item)
echo $item[‘item']

to create a <ul> menu or:

$content = $feindura->showPage();
echo ‘<h1>'.$content[”title].'</h1>';
echo $content[‘content']; to show the content of any selected page.


The new feindura version comes also with a plugin feature which allows the user to add additional functionality like an image gallery or a contact form to its pages where ever he wants (using drag'n'drop to place it). And gives developers an easy way to extend functionality of their clients web sites.


The feature allows web developers to built complete applications which run inside the feindura backend. This could be a newsletter management system or other website related add-ons. Currently there are no public add-ons available, but you can download an example add-on to get started building your own.

Interested in checking it out or getting the latest release? Hit their website: http://feindura.org/