FatWire Announces New Release of Mobility Server for Mobile-Enabling the Web Presence

FatWire Software, the largest independent provider of Web Experience Management (WEM) solutions, today announced the availability of the next-generation of its FatWire Mobility Server product.  The solution gives organizations the power to easily mobile-enable their web presence by reusing website content to create optimized mobile web experiences across devices.  The FatWire Mobility Server enables organizations to incorporate the mobile channel as a key component of their marketing and customer experience initiatives.

Increasingly, customers are accessing the web via mobile devices and thus the mobile web has become a critical touch point for businesses to reach customers and prospects.  Websites viewed on mobile devices like the BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Android, not to mention thousands of other mobile device types, have become critical competitive differentiators.  Like the traditional web, the mobile web is not only essential for delivering product and service information, but also for fostering deeper, richer customer engagement.

“With the explosive growth in mobile web connectivity, the mobile web has become an essential tool for organizations,” said Kathleen Reidy, senior analyst at The 451 Group. “A mobile web presence that is rich, engaging and efficiently managed will be a significant driver of a positive customer experience, and successful business initiatives.”

Traditionally, deploying and managing mobile websites has been wrought with difficulty and expense due to the large number of different mobile devices, and the difficulty of creating and maintaining multiple versions of the same site for each device type.  FatWire Mobility Server eliminates this pain by enabling organizations to build and manage their site in a single place for deployment across thousands of mobile device types.

Using FatWire Mobility Server, organizations can:

  • Easily build a mobile web presence. Content from traditional websites can be easily repurposed for the mobile channel.  Navigation structures from the traditional site can be edited and repurposed for mobile websites. Out-of-the-box mobile webpage templates enable fast, easy creation of mobile sites.
  • Edit content from one user interface. A central user interface for managing the traditional website and mobile websites enables great efficiencies by eliminating the need to build, format and maintain individual mobile applications or websites for different devices.
  • Preview mobile sites in-context. In-context preview of what the site will look like on different mobile device types enables easy management of mobile website content.
  • Offer location-based services. FatWire Mobility Server makes use of device GPS data to deliver location-based content and services to mobile website visitors.
  • Optimize websites automatically for thousands of different mobile devices. Automatic reformatting of existing website content, including video and rich media, makes it easy to optimize content for display on every type of mobile handset.
  • Enable a social mobile web experience. FatWire Mobility Server enables organizations to easily mobile-enable user-generated content and other social features

“Delivering on today’s high expectations for mobile web interactions across a wide range of mobile devices is proving to be too complex, costly and inefficient for organizations,” said Yogesh Gupta, president and CEO of FatWire Software.  “Organizations today need a centralized online strategy to manage both the traditional and mobile web channels from a single platform.  FatWire Mobility Server is the right solution for delivering a rich cross-channel experience, and doing so extremely efficiently.”

FatWire’s Web Experience Management suite enables enterprises to offer an engaging online customer experience.  The FatWire WEM suite is a scalable platform for enterprises to author and design websites, target and optimize content for specific audiences, deploy sites in multiple languages, offer social computing features including gadgets and user-generated content, and more.  FatWire Mobility Server is the key component of the FatWire solution set enabling websites to be deployed to the mobile channel.

About FatWire Software

FatWire Software provides Web Experience Management (WEM) solutions that power the web presence for some of the world’s largest organizations and most trusted global brands.  FatWire’s technologies provide the platform for organizations to optimize online customer engagement, with tools that are easy to use and built to scale.  With FatWire, enterprises can use the web to drive revenue, customer loyalty and business efficiencies.  Headquartered in Mineola, New York, FatWire serves more than 500 customers in industries, including financial services, media, technology, manufacturing, public sector, retail, healthcare and more, from offices in 12 countries.