eZ Summit 2013 to be held in Cologne, Germany

eZ Systems, makers of the popular open source content management system, eZ Publish (check out our eZ Publish review for more info) are hosting their 2013 eZ Summit and Awards in Cologne, Germany on the 28th of February through March 1st.

The focus of the summit is to bring their platform to the attention of new businesses who are looking for new and advanced digital platform solutions. As we showed you in our review of eZ publish (linked above), the offerings they have for publishers far exceed those in some of the smaller traditional systems.

As such, it's highly recommended that if you haven't checked out eZ Publish and are in the market for this type of product, you should definitely give it a try.

Summit visitors will learn how –

  • the launch of the eZ Publish 5 Platform completes a 3 year development project to provide the most integrated CXM (Customer Experience Management) platform available in the market today. We built this with our own engineers and in collaboration with our 43000+ Community – a unique success story in the European IT industry.
  • eZ Publish 5 Platform helps your core business as the “glue” to your digital enterprise, connecting fragmented data systems in your business IT portfolio.
  • big data will evolve in the coming years and how eZ is positioned to fulfill your needs and maximize your value with potentially unlimited content data volumes.
  • eZ 5 will serve as the digital development platform long term, with Open Standards and sustainability as the core essence maintained in eZ’s promise to the market.
  • the mixture of automatization tools and extensions integrated within eZ are already delivering higher performance, engagement and ROI for site owners adopting the full Platform vision.
  • eZ solves the multichannel challenge with several approaches “out of the box”, mixing efficiency with innovation and economy.
  • best-in-class cases in Media, Financial Services, Corporate Communications, eCommerce, eGovernment and Pharma are solving their present digital business and communications challenges with eZ and are already well placed to solve their future challenges too.

To learn more about the upcoming summit, check out the eZ Summit website.