eZ Publish Releases version 5.4 of their flagship CMS

eZ Systems has announced the release of version 5.4 of their enterprise content management system, eZ Publish. According to the release notes, 5.4 introduces several new features which makes it easier to use, faster to develop on and also continues to improve performance.

Like earlier 5.x releases for this release the developers have heavily contributed to existing projects in the Symfony ecosystem to bundle powerful components under the hood which together takes extensibility in eZ Publish Platform to a new level.

Here are some of the major highlights regarding the release:

  • eZ Publish Platform 5.4 brings 28 new features, 45 improvements, and 184 bug fixes that were present in 5.3 or lower. Release notes are available here .

  • A new Cluster System, inspired from the previous cluster system that has now been ported to the new architecture based on Symfony. This offers much more extensibility and also make it much simpler of use.

  • A new native images and binary I/O system based on the new architecture and without legacy dependence.

  • Out of the box native support for Varnish HTTP cache system.

  • New possibilities to deploy images in a cloud infrastructure like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or to use dedicated and highly optimized web servers for the delivery of images and rich media.

  • Out of the box premium content controlled access based on roles and permissions.

  • Many other new platform level features such as a new image alias system, an improved HTTP cache system, dynamic settings injection, url decorators and more.

  • eZ Publish Platform 5.4 is the last of the 5.x generation and will be available for long-term extended support up to fall 2019.

“We are excited for developers to get their hands on the latest version. We believe that eZ Publish Platform 5.4 is our most stable and most powerful version to date. We also would like to thank the many contributors that help us to create quality open source commercial CMS software, this is a great foundation for the future eZ Platform.” – Aleksander Farstad, Co-founder and CEO

Why upgrade?

  • The release significantly improves developer experience thanks to a system that relies very little on the old legacy system. For developers, this makes 5.4 more agile and more powerful than before thanks to the Symfony framework.

  • eZ Publish Platform 5.4 makes it easy for Symfony users to use and integrate with other Symfony projects.

  • The release makes it easier for newcomers to eZ to learn the new platform.

  • eZ Publish Platform 5.4 makes it easy for current eZ developers to move to the new stack and take advantage of all its benefits.

  • With 5.4, there is now a standard way to implement the management and delivery of premium content, a clear case where content really means business. You can promote your premium content to all your readers and deliver it in its full version only to the subscribers that have the right permissions for it, whether it’s based on a subscription or on any other mechanism.

To find out everything about this new release, check out their brochure which covers the changes and enhancements in detail. You can find it here: 5.4 brochure.