eZ Publish Platform 5.3 Released

eZ Publish have released version 5.3 of their popular platform with an impressive 59 new features, 233 bug fixes & 69 improvements.

The Content Management (CMS) & Customer Experience (CXM) platform offers many tools to help publish content across multiple channels, create eCommerce websites, and more.

Version 5.3 of eZ Publish is the fourth major release in the 5 series, and has been labelled a Long Term Supported release (LTS). This means that it will be supported up to end of May 2019 with extended support.

Now, let's take a look at what's new with eZ Publish

Developer Ease in Mind

eZ Publish 5.3 puts a lot of effort into making things easier for developers to use the platform efficiently.

At a glance, eZ Publish Platform 5.3 brings the following key benefits:

  • A Long Term Supported release.
  • Making it easier for developers to understand and learn.
  • Making it easier for developers to develop and deploy.
  • Updated Demo site with more ready-to-use features like “Places”.

One of the ways eZ Publish 5.3 helps developers, is through improved documentation that will naturally make it easier to anyone to get started.

Furthermore, version 5.3 brings about drastically improved integration of the Symfony environment, along with the capability to easily build websites relying on the “eZ Platform” stack (“New Stack”) – removing dependencies on the legacy stack (4.x).

The eZ Publish Demo Site has also been improved to progressively become the reference for developers to see how features can be used to build their Websites.

Among the many enhancements made to the Demo Site, is the ready-to-use feature called “Places”, which shows ou how to best deal with geolocation and how to search on geolocated data, thanks to the latest improvement in the eZ Publish API and in SolR. Essentially, the “Places” feature enables you to quickly create your own listing of places (such as a business directory) and display them efficiently.

For more information on eZ Publish, check out their website.

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