eZ Publish Platform 5.2 Released

Since its founding way back in 1999, eZ Publish has been providing an open source content management system which has only ever grown in stature. Now, with eZ Publish 5.2, the globally recognized company will be hoping to build upon their solid reputation even further.

eZ Publish 5.2 brings about fifteen new features, alongside 129 bug fixes and improvements to the core platform.

Users of the CMS can expect to find it enhanced in terms of stability, efficiency and functionality, in ways which will make online marketing and web content publishing easier than ever before. So, let's take a look at what's new.

More Speed, Flexibility & Accessibility

Perhaps the most apparent feature users will feel the full force of, is the brand new caching system implemented by eZ Publish 5.2. Compared to the 4.x series of the platform, version 5.2 increases page load performance by an astonishing 400%.

eZ Publish 5.2

This new found speed offered by eZ Publish 5.2 can be experienced consistently, right out of the box – even in highly personalized end user navigation contexts. This means that, when a logged-in customer enjoys a tailored online experience with your brand, he or she no longer exits after becoming frustrated with their deceptively slow digital journey. Thus, the chances of conversion are increased.

To enhance flexibility and accessibility of the eZ Publish platform, up to 62 languages are now covered, with integrated content translation capabilities for your in-house or external translation teams.

eZ Publish 5.2

These new language capabilities, backed by eZ Publish 5.2's native multi-site support, make starting a new business, or even simply expanding your current one into a different part of the world, a far more practical process.

Symfony2, Stability, Commenting Systems & More

Thanks to an upgraded and enhanced Symfony2 framework brought about by eZ Publish 5.2, the eZ Publish platform is now a more stable, efficient beast.

eZ Publish 5.2

The Symfony2 framework has been upgraded to its improved 2.3 Long Term Support version, giving the core eZ Publish framework a heightened state of dependability. Additionally, this move opens up opportunities for eZ Publish customers to tap into a large base of talented developers, from both the eZ Publish and Symfony communities.

eZ Publish 5.2

To top off these excellent stability enhancements, eZ Publish 5.2 also has something more social up its sleeve. Newly introduced third-party commenting services, including Facebook Comments and Disqus, offer your audience a recognizable space to engage, interact and discuss your content.

These third-party application integrations have been made possible thanks to the REST interface in eZ Publish 5.2 which lets you rise to the omnichannel/multichannel challenge, with an extensible, built-in content exposure system. In other words, handling content publication and curation from multiple device and channel types is now a piece of cake.

To explore more of the new features introduced by eZ Publish 5.2, you can check out the official release notes.

Additionally, you can find out more about eZ Publish via our CMS Directory.