ExpressionEngine CMS 2.1.5 Beta Released

A new beta of ExpressionEngine CMS has been released to the public.  The most significant change in this release is the move to storing file information in the database. The release also includes includes over 50 bug fixes, the removal of the Blogger API module, as well as the addition of some feature requests.

File Upload Preferences have been moved from the Admin section to the File Manager, and a new permission has been added to control who accesses upload preferences.  Also added is the ability to set ‘thumbnail’ image sizes and watermark preferences per upload directory.  These thumbnails will be created whenever a new image file is uploaded.

A simple ‘Synchronization’ on the File Upload Preferences page allows you to have all files in that directory imported into the database, with the appropriate thumbnails added.  You’ll want to synchronize your files as soon as you’re done updating!

Significant changes have also occurred within the file upload modal, which is now used in both the File Manager and the Publish page.  Expect more changes here as we add back image manipulation, category and other metadata fields, and greater flexibility when using the new thumbnail features.

There are several known issues with this release:

  • The ‘File’ module is available in the installable modules, though tags are not yet available for frontend use
  • Editing images is not yet reflected in the database records and can result in improper dimensions used in system generated HTML when an edited image is inserted into a textarea field
  • The Profiler is displayed during a new install or update

They are aiming for a stable release in June so if you are able, test it out. You can get more information on