ExpressionEngine 3.4 Released Ahead of ExpressionEngine Conference 2016


ExpressionEngine has just released some new features in the form of ExpressionEngine 3.4.

ExpressionEngine is a multi-purpose content management system developed by American software company EllisLab.

This update comes just a couple of months before the ExpressionEngine Conference 2016, which kicks off on October 3rd 2016.

Customizable Control Panel Menu & Security Improvements

The ExpressionEngine v3 control panel was always responsive and well laid out, but now, users have a way to add custom navigation for further ease of use.

CP Menu Manager

There's also a new and improved Menu Manager, which allows for nested menus, with responsive design built in.

ExpressionEngine has also taken steps towards better security with version 3.4, working with the security researchers at HackerOne to shore things up. ExpressionEngine said that they aim to, “remain the most secure Content Management System on the market.”

Check out the changelog and blog announcement for extra details, and grab a fresh download of ExpressionEngine 3.4 if you like the sound of their newly updated tune.

ExpressionEngine Conference 2016

The ExpressionEngine Conference is being hosted in America's midwest on October 3 & 4th 2016.

Details for attendees will be made available soon via the conference website, although ExpressionEngine have already called for speakers and presenters to apply via their social media accounts, and they say the response has been, “fantastic.”

If you haven’t submitted your proposal to speak yet, you can still do so by filling out this form.

More details can be found on EllisLab's blog post.

To find out more about ExpressionEngine, visit their website.