ExpressionEngine 2.5 released, features new Rich Text editor and more.

This new release of ExpressionEngine features a new Rich Text Editor field type, a Rich Text Editor Module to allow use of the editor on the front end, and a Cookie Consent Module designed to help European Union (EU) users comply with privacy laws impacting cookie use. In addition to a number of new features, this release improves XSS filtering and redirect behavior. For developers there are a number of new hooks and improvements, and everyone will benefit from the stability improvements provided by over 50 bug fixes.

The new Rich Text Editor provides a native way to add very lightweight ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG) fields to the publish page. This allows content editors to work directly with rich text elements in their written content— elements like bold and italicized text, block quotes, and links— without being subjected to the HTML markup underneath. Toolsets, which consist of the various buttons that can be included in the editor, are customizable and may be saved on a per member basis. The editor can also be added to textarea fields on the frontend by using the RTE Module, which allows WYSIWYG capabilities in SafeCracker and Comments. The new editor is also developer friendly, and new buttons may be easily created using the Button API.

Another new module is the Cookie Consent Module, which was designed to help EU users meet the demands of privacy laws that prohibit setting cookies without prior consent from end users. The module prevents setting cookies using ExpressionEngine’s native cookie setting function unless consent has been granted. The module also provides means of conditionally display data based on consent status, and mechanisms for gaining such consent. See the documentation for more details.

Developers will benefit from a number of additions in this release. In addition to the developer friendly new editor, several new hooks have been added.

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