Exalead Extends Search-based Application Leadership with Exalead CloudView® 360

Dassault Systèmes  today announced that its subsidiary Exalead, the leading provider of search-based application platforms, has released CloudView 360, an extended package of CloudView modules developed specifically to integrate information from legacy CRM, ERP, HR enterprise applications, PLM systems and web content. Built around Exalead's award winning CloudView version 5 search technology, CloudView 360 adds semantic processing and information mash-up capabilities to enable, simplify and accelerate complete views of enterprise status and direction.

Today's business environment requires enterprises to compete globally. Exalead CloudView 360 offers a new approach, providing a comprehensive view of customers, products and processes and timely views of business activity. It can extract information from any and all relevant enterprise applications, collaboration applications and the web to give at-a-glance, detailed insight to the entire organisation from front-line workers to top executives. By adopting CloudView 360 and the search-based applications it enables enterprises to gain competitive advantage, operational efficiency improvements and can give better value to customers.

CloudView 360 extends its core capability by semantically relating key business activity relationships such as customer relationship records, past transactions and customer service dialogues. Results of user queries can be mashed-up into dashboards and real-time executive summaries that include traditional charts and graphs, descriptive extracts, key facts, relationship graphs and web-oriented representations such as word clouds. CloudView 360's unique combination of semantic data processing and mash-up information presentation enables users with at-a-glance understanding of key topics without having to work through tens or hundreds of documents. Search-based applications built with CloudView 360 address needs for information and insight across enterprise functions that include research and development, manufacturing and logistics, regulatory compliance, sales and marketing, human resources and finance. Deployments of search-based applications now serve the communities of tens of thousands of users.

“With Exalead CloudView 360, we were able to deploy the most comprehensive tourist portal on the market in only a few months,” said Pierre Matuchet, General Manager of Voyages-sncf.com, one of the most popular travel websites in France. “The portal intelligently and distinctively synthesises content from the Web, our partners' databases, and our own proprietary databases. Thanks to Exalead, we were able to bring one of our most ambitious Web projects to life.”

“Exalead CloudView 360 goes far beyond a simple search service. We now have the opportunity to build innovative business applications at the core of our IT,” said Bertrand Eteneau, CIO of Faurecia Group. “We already have a few projects under delivery and discussion. The benefits, in terms of usability for our organization and employees, are significant.”

“Search-based applications are the fastest growing segment of the search market today, and with good reason,” said Sue Feldman, Vice President for Search and Discovery Technologies at IDC. “These applications are built on a flexible, scalable search backbone like CloudView 360, then customised to incorporate knowledge of a business process. They are designed with specific users in mind, with a purposeful interface to enable easier interaction with information that is drawn seamlessly from multiple sources. The complexity of uniting disparate information and of finding the semantic relationships between documents and data is significant, but enterprises desperately need this ability. To do so, though, requires technology that goes beyond basic search, to include semantic processing and text analytics.”

CloudView 360 is available for license as on-premise or cloud-hosted software. Data sources supported include ERP applications (such as SAP), content management systems (such as Microsoft SharePoint and EMC Documentum), social media sources (such as Facebook and Twitter), e-mail servers (such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes), and relational databases from IBM, Oracle and Microsoft, among others. It also supports Microsoft Windows, Linux and Oracle/Sun Solaris operating systems.

To learn more, download CloudView 360 for Search-Based Applications in the Enterprise Product Brief.

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