Ephox Launches EditLive! 7.5 at Open Text Content World

Ephox Corporation, a leading provider of software for optimizing web production processes, today introduced the latest release in its web authoring solution set, EditLive! 7.5. Key highlights in the release include faster loading speeds, new commands for editing tables, enhanced API features and a new option called Select Edit. The company will demonstrate the latest version of EditLive! at Open Text Content World in Washington, D.C., November 7-12, 2010.

Select Edit combines the market's two leading rich text editors, EditLive! and Ephox Enterprise TinyMCE, into a single integration. Select Edit offers an optimum combination of features and compatibility with Java and Javascript integrated into one complete solution. The new option is designed to auto-detect the best rich text editing experience for virtually any environment.

“The integration of EditLive! and Ephox Enterprise TinyMCE is an exciting milestone for the company, and for the web production market,” said Andrew Roberts, CEO of Ephox. “Now, business users can work with their editor of choice on a project-by-project basis, without having to change editing environments, which leads to increased productivity. Our customers will be able to realize greater efficiencies in the web production process that ultimately contribute to an improved bottom line.”

EditLive! is licensed by some of the leading web content management (WCM) vendors, including Open Text Web Experience Management (formerly Vignette).

“Companies use Open Text Web Experience Management to provide them with innovative and effective ways of creating highly dynamic websites that give them a competitive edge,” said Marci Maddox, Director of Product Marketing at Open Text. “By offering EditLive! and Ephox Enterprise TinyMCE in a single editing environment, we see a benefit for business users to easily select the best tools for directly creating and managing web content that drives superior online experiences.”

For more information on Editlive! 7.5, please visit http://editlive.com/what-new.

About Ephox
Ephox is a fast-growing software company focused on transforming the web production experience by enhancing the productivity and quality of website authoring and management. The company’s technology is licensed by leading web content management vendors including EMC|Documentum, IBM, Oracle, Open Text and Percussion. Ephox products are used by hundreds of thousands of web content authors in over 1,500 organizations across 35 countries. For more information, please visit www.ephox.com.