EntropySoft partners with Iron Mountain to offer secure cloud storage and digital archiving

Following the recent release of its Content Hub Appliance, EntropySoft, a specialist of content integration and connectivity, announces a partnership with information management company Iron Mountain. Electronic documents coming from as many as 35 document repositories can now be archived easily to Iron Mountain’s cloud-based storage archive, increasing EntropySoft’s ability to link the enterprise and the cloud.

Iron Mountain provides information management services for helping organizations to realize greater value from their paper and digital records. The company’s solutions for records management, data protection and secure shredding enable customers to protect and manage their information so they can optimize their business and ensure proper recovery, compliance and discovery. Through its Developer Program, Iron Mountain allows third parties and developers to integrate their solutions with its secure cloud archiving platform. This is the first instance of integration between EntropySoft and Iron Mountain.

EntropySoft’s Content Hub Appliance is a single platform that provides out-of-the-box connectivity to ECM systems. In a matter of hours, any customer can connect all its Content Management Systems to Content Hub Appliance and start moving documents to Iron Mountain’s archive. All the affiliates of a company can connect to the same platform and regroup in a single repository all critical corporate information, therefore increasing compliance with regulatory environments and facilitating eDiscovery.

“Companies are looking to leverage the cloud to reduce their information storage costs, and customers of EntropySoft can now do that securely and in a tightly integrated manner,” said Jaimin Patel, director of business development, Iron Mountain. “Iron Mountain has been offering secure cloud storage and archive solutions since 1995. More than just secure storage, though, our cloud solutions enable faster access to information and help organizations to address compliance and regulatory concerns, all while reducing the operational complexities and costs of data storage.”

The partnership between EntropySoft and Iron Mountain highlights EntropySoft’s capacity to solve the main concerns with cloud adoption: security and integration. Content Hub Appliance addresses these issues for documents, as it enables a secure link between the cloud and the enterprise.

“EntropySoft is very pleased with this partnership and integration. It takes only minutes to deploy our software appliance in a virtualized environment, therefore minimizing the efforts usually needed to connect enterprise and cloud repositories. Now companies of all sizes can archive simply all documents, reducing the costs and risks associated with storing and protecting important documents,” said Nicolas Maquaire, EntropySoft CEO.

Large organizations use EntropySoft products for managing advanced document processes. Software vendors use EntropySoft products to facilitate information access. Content Hub Appliance is the secure link between the Enterprise and the Cloud for all companies.

Content Hub Functionality
The virtual appliance can be downloaded from EntropySoft’s support site. It only takes minimal installation and configuration for the virtual machine to be ready to start operating in the customer environment. In a few minutes, the Appliance can be connected to all the company’s document repositories. A user-friendly web interface allows authorised company staff to search, browse and work with all connected repositories. Then a transfer “bridge” connects the chosen repositories to Iron Mountain’s digital archive. The bridge can also implement the customer’s specific requirements. Once the bridge is configured, the document archiving is effective.

Customers can select from different archiving options. Documents can be archived manually, on a scheduled basis or in real-time, For example, if this last option is chosen, as soon as a document is created in the document management system, it is instantaneously moved or copied to Iron Mountain’s digital archive.

The Iron Mountain cloud archive becomes a centralizing point for all the information stored in the various content silos of the company. This allows the Legal, IT and Compliance departments to cost-effectively manage in one place all relevant electronically-stored information.

Pricing and Availability
Using Content Hub Appliance is very cost-effective compared to specific developments usually associated with linking an archiving platform to content silos. The service is offered by EntropySoft on a monthly subscription basis and a pay-as-you-use model that includes content transfer and digital archiving.

About EntropySoft
EntropySoft is a specialist of content integration. EntropySoft’s mission is to connect applications to information. EntropySoft technology is used by software vendors and large companies to simplify integration of their products with Enterprise Content Management solutions and cloud repositories. Application fields are numerous: Enterprise Search, BPM, e-discovery, Records Management, Collaboration, Data Loss Prevention, Multi-Function Printers etc.
The following leading global organizations chose EntropySoft products: Alfresco, EMC Kazeon, Endeca, IDS Scheer, Kroll Ontrack and Symantec.
For more information, visit www.entropysoft.net