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Ellington CMS to be Acquired by ePublishing, Inc.

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Today, I have a new acquisition to tell you about. ePublishing Inc. has decided to acquire Ellington CMS and Ellington Marketplace. Ellington CMS is a powerful CMS with a significant portion of its customers being in the publishing & news sectors. It runs such site as Yale News and Golf Week, for example.

With strong user generated content and social tools, it's a solid contender for any business. ePublishing Inc. focuses on providing what they call an Enterprise Publishing System, which is a blend of CMS, eCommerce, CRM and more. With the acquisition of Ellington CMS, they are in a good position to expand their offerings by integrating its strengths and technologies into their own system.

The publishing market is a hot one and I'm seeing more and more contenders ramping up their products to attempt to stay on top of the latest industry requirements and this move is one of many to come, I suspect.

The acquisition should be complete by the end of this month. Unfortunately, financial terms were not released.

CMS & Marketing / Ellington CMS to be Acquired by ePublishing, Inc.Last updated on January 5, 2019
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