Elgg, the open source social networking CMS announced version 1.7.2

A new version of the popular open-source social networking CMS, Elgg has been released!  1.7.2 is primarily a bugfix release.

Here is a brief list of some of the more annoying bugs that were squashed:

  • Saving drafts and previewing blogs works as expected.
  • Page titles can now be edited in the Pages plugin.
  • Group names no longer show up in Friends Collections.
  • Added a group member listing page.
  • Group forum topics can be edited.
  • User data for usernames with UTF8 characters are correctly migrated to the new data scheme.

Plugin developers will be pleased to know that a number of bugs in the API were also fixed.  These include:

  • Numerous bug fixes to the elgg_get_*() functions.
  • Added a generic email sending function (elgg_send_email()).
  • Added ability to remove river items by ID (remove_from_river_by_id()).
  • Added a generic excerpt function (elgg_get_excerpt()).

Want to learn more? We did an Elgg review not too long ago that you can peruse for more details or catch up on all of our Elgg news. Last but not least, visit them at http://elgg.org