Elgg launches new site and offers Commercial Services

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Elgg launches new site and offers Commercial Services

This new venture offers commercial services from the core development team.

This is great news for those who currently run the platform or for those who are interested in starting a social network with this incredibly good software.

Having the expertise of the core development team on your side is a huge advantage for those looking to build or develop a new website in the future. Let's not forget that Elgg is one heck of a powerful system and with these guys backing you, you can't go wrong.

Some of the services they are now offering are:

Custom builds

  • They can build any type of social application branded and equipped exactly as you want it.

Plugin & theme development

  • Great option is you need a specific module or a custom brand for your network.


  • On all aspects of Elgg.

Learn more @ http://www.elgg.com

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