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Elgg CMS 1.7.8 released

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Elgg (news) 1.7.8 contains important security enhancements and bugfixes. All network owners are encouraged to upgrade.

Security Enhancements:

  • Properly encoding search queries (Thanks to lord epsylon (of Lorea) for the report!)


  • Blogs – Fixed disappearing blog draft issue.
  • Groups – Editing a topic from discussion list page works now.
  • Search – Group names used in titles.
  • InviteFriends – Invitation link no longer shows up when logged out.
  • Messages – Denormalized the message calculation for better performance.
  • Sorting by time_created in relationship functions supported.
  • Metadata and annotation names can now be updated.
  • Fixed error with deleting a user with disabled entities.
  • Removed unnecessary executable permissions on a number of files. (Thanks to pauloortiz for the report!)

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