elcomCMS kicks off 2012 with version 7.6

Elcom, a leading provider of enterprise web content management solutions is pleased to announce that version 7.6 of their flagship product, elcomCMS will be available towards the end of February.

elcomCMS is a modular .NET enterprise web content management system. It has been designed from the ground up to provide mid-market organizations with the ability to meet their objectives around their corporate website, intranet, extranet, learning management, mobile web, social, eCommerce and online marketing. The modular, interoperable, scalable, flexible and powerfully simple design makes elcomCMS a true end-to-end, 360 degree business tool for web.

Building on elcomCMS’s existing success, v7.6 is focused around key feature enhancements in particular: Code Blocks, Real-Time Personalization and developments in its Social layer which was introduced in version 7.5.

Code Blocks
Code Blocks, is an excellent new feature for the front-end developer and implementation community. It provides the ability to write and use custom front-end scripting code i.e. c# or VB and embed these Code Blocks into articles. This gives developers the flexibility and power to create dynamically generated structured content, such as custom menus and lists.

Real Time Personalization
Real Time Personalization has been expanded in version 7.6 to include the ability to target individual articles based on what keyword(s) your audience types into a search engine such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing. This is a powerful and exciting tool for the marketing community as it will help increase conversion rates and reduce bounce rates.

elcomCMS’s Social capability continues to grow in 7.6 with ‘Social Stream’ a major feature update. Social Stream provides pre-defined user groups with the ability to connect exclusively to discuss a topic, project or idea. This is a great way to facilitate collaboration and communications between team members.

Commenting on the new release, Anthony Milner, Elcom’s Product Director said “In every release we endeavour to make it even easier for developers to write their own apps for the elcomCMS and Code Blocks provide another mechanism to achieve this. It’s an exciting development and we look forward to working with the dev community to build awesome apps.”

The latest version is available now as a beta release, and we expect the final release to be available to the market towards the end of February 2012. If you have any questions regarding elcomCMS please contact info@elcomCMS.com