ElcomCMS 9.5 Set to Be Released

ElcomCMS  have unveiled version 9.5 of their platform, with a “focus on customer experience”.

Geared towards mid-large size enterprises, ElcomCMS comes with over 70 core features to enable users to manage multiple sites, intranets, micro-sites, and so forth.

ElcomCMS 9.5 is scheduled to go live on July 1st 2014.

ElcomCMS 9.5

The Elcom team has identified some common challenges facing IT managers, marketing executives, and everybody in between.

Here are some of those common challenges ElcomCMS 9.5 is aiming to address:

  • Reducing the time it takes to transfer content from old sites to new sites with a migration toolkit.
  • Authorized staff will be able to update the website anywhere, anytime on a mobile-friendly admin interface.
  • Push important information out to your employees through a new intranet mobile app.
  • Segmentation-based delivery of content to website audiences.
  • Faster performance resulting in quicker page-loading and reduced bounce rates.

Elcom's Product Director Tim Kirkman made the following comments regarding the announcement:

“Increasingly, IT and marketing teams are working together to create websites and intranets that not only meet the basic corporate requirements but integrate the many elements of marketing technology that are now critical to sales strategies.

As technology advances, companies are able to build on their existing platforms rather than having to change products. At the same time most want to take more control over migration and administration, to cut out the middle man and reduce time delays.

In upgrading our CMS platform a core consideration has been enhancing both our customers’ experience behind the scenes as well as the experience of their own customers. We want to offer a foundation from which companies can manage all their communication tools with flexibility to grow in the future.

Our goal is to help businesses get the most from their websites, intranets and portals by integrating existing systems with new functions. By putting the focus on communication rather than technology or sales, we can ensure the needs of all departments are met – regardless of a company’s core business.”

For more information on ElcomCMS 9.5, check out Elcom's recent blog post regarding the impending release.