Elcom announces New Mobile Technology and International Expansion

Elcom, a leading Australian enterprise web content management vendor, announced at the 2010 Gartner IT Symposium that it will be expanding into the North American market by opening an office in New York City, in January 2011.

Elcom’s Chief Executive Officer, John Anstey said “We have had a lot of interest from the USA and it represents a substantial growth opportunity for Elcom. It is a logical next step in expanding our global reach and sales efforts”.

North America, currently dominates the global Web Content Management (WCM) market, and according to leading technology research body Gartner, it “accounts for 60% of worldwide revenue”. Further to this, Gartner predicts that “the market will see a compound annual growth rate of 14% from 2009 to 2014”, making Elcom’s entry into the US market a highly lucrative opportunity.

The New York office will provide Elcom with a North American presence that can manage Elcom’s partners and clients in the continent. “In the last eighteen months, there has been a significant increase in the number of enquiries from the USA and Canada. The opening of the New York office will now allow Elcom to offer the same level of dedicated local support and service as it does to its Australian partners and clients, to those based in North America”, said Anstey.

Elcom will continue to build its Partner Network and work closely with agencies, web developers, system integrators and consultants. The New York office will look to train and develop partners and customers, bringing Elcom’s WCMS, CommunityManager.NET to the North American market. “In Australia, our reputation is based on value, product innovation and local support, and we are excited at the opportunity to offer this to a completely different marketplace”, said the CEO.

The company’s CommunityManager.NET product is used by hundreds of local and international organisations to streamline processes and improve information architecture. According to CEO John Anstey, “this is achieved through simplifying the development, publishing and management of online content in the form of websites, intranets, extranets, membership systems, web applications, e-commerce processes and mobile platforms.”

Elcom recently released Version 7.2 of CommunityManager.NET which has a host of new features and upgrades from previous versions. One of the company’s most significant enhancements was based on the emerging trend of web accessibility via mobile platforms. Gartner reports, “By 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide”.

Elcom’s version 7.2 has capitalised on this trend and been able to provide businesses with a synergised mobile functionality, which is built upon highly innovative user-agent detection technology. Mr Anstey states “this means that organisations no longer need to develop separate content and sites for an infinite number of platforms such as iphones, ipads and blackberrys. Our system has complete separation of content and presentation, so our customers do not need to repurpose content, as specified templates will be embedded into the system – ensuring a more automated process which saves time and money”.

Some of Version 7.2’s other enhancements also include a new analytics engine which enables marketers to collect, analyse and report on variety of campaign metrics, while owning all data – unlike other service providers that keep this information for industry analysis.

The new version also includes an office connector with the ability to publish content from within Microsoft Word or Outlook; this extends the existing functionality of the SharePoint connector allowing CommunityManager.NET to seamlessly co-exist with an existing SharePoint solution.

Elcom is an exciting Australian company which is continuing to drive product innovation within the enterprise Web Content Management sector. Through the pursuit of an aggressive release schedule which involves quarterly updates, it is confidently growing its customer base and market presence.

Elcom’s New York office will officially open its doors in January 2011, and will be working to strengthen its Partner Program. Elcom is sending Australian staff to assist in the setup, and will also be looking at bringing on board local expertise to complement the team.

About Elcom
Founded by John Anstey in 1996, Elcom Technology Pty Ltd (Elcom) is the developer of CommunityManager.NET, an enterprise Web Content Management Systems (WCMS). This powerfully simple platform empowers organisations to deliver best of breed Web Content Management, Intranets, Social Networking, eCommerce, Learning Management & Online Marketing solutions on one platform. An Australian company focused on driving innovation in the local and international market, Elcom boasts an extensive research and development program and comprehensive professional service delivery capability via its own practitioners and global partner network.