Ektron Connects with Facebook to Personalize Corporate Websites

Ektron Inc. announced today the first social targeting software to integrate Facebook with corporate websites.  The new software is part of Ektron’s Marketing Optimization Suite (eMOS) and makes personalization on a website as easy as building a playlist in iTunes.

“We believe that context is king when it comes to personalizing web experiences – our new software brings social targeting to everyone,” said Bill Rogers, founder and CEO of Ektron.  “We are simplifying the way companies and brands work with Facebook to connect personalized brand experiences on websites to site visitors using their Facebook profile and social graph.”

Companies like Amazon recently have integrated with Facebook in a similar way.  Ektron is bringing Amazon-like personalization to everyone.  Ektron’s software allows marketers to match social behavior in the social graph to relevant experiences on a corporate website, in a few mouse clicks so they can personalize product recommendations, offers, promotions, and other types of content to site visitors.

“Our clients always are asking for new ideas to personalize the online experience.  Ektron’s Social Targeting Software give us an extremely promising way to target content on consumer websites based on their Facebook profile and social graph,” said Jeff Geheb, Partner and Managing Director of Technology at VML.  “The concept of aggregating a user’s likes and dislikes to drive personalization was born with Facebook Connect, but Ektron’s Facebook Social Targeting Software makes it a two-way street where businesses now can directly match their relevant content to specific interested users in a powerful and easy way. This idea combines the best concepts of content management, social networking, and targeted content delivery.”

How Ektron’s Social Targeting Software Works:

  • Ektron provides native support for the latest release of the Facebook Platform, so companies and brands can quickly connect their websites to Facebook.
  • Facebook “Likes” allow users to express their affinity for limitless combinations of companies, brands, products, etc. Ektron social targeting matches Facebook content such as “Likes” to a personalized web experience designed by a company or brand.
  • Marketers can configure personalized experiences with drag-and-drop capabilities similar to building a playlist in iTunes that connect Facebook users’ data and/or the social graph of their Facebook Friends to business rules that the marketer defines.

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About Ektron

Ektron Inc. has innovated web technology since 1998. By integrating web content management (WCM), marketing optimization and social software, Ektron’s software and solutions improve operational efficiency, drive revenue growth and build customer loyalty. Ektron empowers marketers to create, publish and optimize web content that engages, converts and retains customers. Developers benefit from Ektron's extensibility and commitment to the Microsoft .NET framework. Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, with offices in Australia, Canada, Singapore and the United Kingdom, Ektron has more than 8,000 customers worldwide including Carnegie Hall, Home Depot, Kodak, Microsoft, NASDAQ, Texas Children's Hospital and the University of Notre Dame. For more information, please visit www.ektron.com.