Ektron Announces Ektron Windows Azure Edition

Ektron Windows Azure Edition includes a new cloud-ready version of Ektron eSync enhanced with native support for Windows Azure, bringing its unique bi-directional content replication and differential deployment capabilities to the cloud. eSync automatically deploys only the files that have changed, dramatically increasing speed-to-web instead of replicating an entire web application.

Key benefits of Ektron Azure Edition:

  • Marketing agility – Empower marketing teams to deploy new Ektron sites and marketing campaigns on-the-fly without IT involvement.
  • Hybrid deployment – Customers can mix and match Windows Azure instances with traditional on-premise Ektron instances, ensuring sensitive content remains local while still benefitting from Windows Azure cloud delivery.
  • Dynamic elasticity – Scale on-the-fly based on usage patterns. Usage of Windows Azure instances can be scheduled, ensuring your Ektron site is ready to scale when it most needs to.
  • High availability – Windows Azure provides a highly available platform for large organizations, ensuring maximum uptime for your Ektron site.

“In the competitive landscape of website development, speed matters,” said Nicole Denil, Director Americas ISV, Windows Azure Incubation at Microsoft. “Microsoft is excited to see Ektron build on the Windows Azure cloud. The global scalability and reliability of Windows Azure can give Ektron customers great benefit.”