Editorial: What makes WordPress the blogging platform to beat?

Let's face it, there are plenty of blog platforms out there to choose from when you get that sudden urge to share your thoughts and feelings (or just opinions like us) with the rest of the world. There's WordPress, Typepad, Movable Type, LifeType, OpenBlog, Blogger and many more.. but what makes WordPress such a Goliath to these other Davids?

Let's start with the basics..

It's got ease of use.

I know, I know, this is the part where everyone jumps in to tell me that all of the other platforms I've mentioned above are easy too.. and that may be the case.. but they aren't famous for it. WordPress has ALWAYS been easy.. it's a fast install, it's got a small file size and most of the time it just works.

Let me put it this way, WordPress is the car you can typically rely on to start no matter the weather.. and should you stray and try another car because it seems like it may have better features and you decide to come back, it'll start right up again without a seconds delay. Trust me, I know.. I've tried a lot of them.

Ok, so it's easy you say.. what else does it have going for it? How about this one.

It's got community.

WordPress has easily one of the most diverse and largest communities in the CMS world let alone the blogging world. Still not sure? Check out WordCamp Central. We aren't just talking major cities of the world either, there are WordCamp's in places I've never even heard of until I heard there was a WordCamp happening there. Take WordCamp Fukuoka for example (I know, I'm not well travelled).

WordCamp's aren't the only example of community, however. There are tons of forums and bloggers all over the net that make helping others with WordPress or spreading the word their goals. Can you say, Free Advertising?

Nothing beats word of mouth right?

It's got Matt.

I've been bit by this one before but I still stand by my belief that projects, just like companies, need a leader. They need someone that can act as the focal point to give them substance. People want to be able to put a face to the products they use and Matt does just that. He makes himself known, he shows up at WordCamp's.. he lives and breathes his product. And he's damn good at it too.

I really would love examples of where this has been done better because I really don't think it has. WordPress and Matt are synonymous with one another and it makes for good reading.. and the press eat it up.

It's got stuff.

Stuff. It's a broad word isn't it?

Let's face it.. WordPress is currently riding high with the most plugins and themes of (dare i say it?) any other CMS project out there.

Take a look at their plugin registry for an example: 9,674 plugins.

And themes? Don't even ask.. there are way too many to count.

So how do other projects get a chance to enjoy similar successes that WordPress has achieved?  That's a question that remains to be answered?

Do you agree or disagree? Comment below..