Ecwid Releases New API Platform

Ecwid has rolled out a brand new API platform to encourage developers to get creative in lieu of the Ecwid App Market's imminent expansion.

Well over 600,000 online stores are powered by Ecwid, which is well known for its excellent integration options for platforms such as WordPress and Drupal.

The brand new Ecwid API enables any third-party developer to extend, modify and customize nearly every aspect of an Ecwid store. It’s now easier than ever to create an application for Ecwid and become a part of the upcoming Ecwid App market.

A Milestone for Ecwid Third-party Apps

Ecwid API

Third-party application developers can now have more fun with Ecwid than ever before.

Ecwid’s new API is a RESTful API with oAuth2 authentication. Any developer can use it to manage store data, add new interfaces to the Ecwid Control Panel, and even customize the storefront from an external application.

Ecwid developers can also now create embeddable applications which can find a place within the Ecwid control panel. In fact, depending on the nature of the application (and it's role in the control panel), developers can now customize the control panel to a degree, applying their own custom styles, widgets and more.

The new API specs and documentation provide examples and even a playground tool, all of which are available via the Ecwid API page.

Ecwid App Market Due for Expansion

Ecwid App Marketplace

Naturally, the release of this new API will lead to an app marketplace that's bigger, better, and more useful to the average Ecwid user.

According to Ecwid, when the App Market matures and “officially launches”, Apps on this page will be categorized to allow merchants to easily find a service they need, install apps, and more. However, the App Market does exist right now, and it contains a healthy range of apps already. So, the introduction of third-part apps should make things interesting for Ecwid's 600,000 users.

To find out more about the new Ecwid's new API, check out the official announcement, as well as the Ecwid API page.