eBay Selects Joomla! Open Source to Foster Innovation From the Inside Out

eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY), the world’s largest online marketplace, today announced an agreement to use Joomla, the most popular open source content management system (CMS), to launch a community portal as part of eBay's internal analytics platform. eBay is leveraging open source for employees and supports an ongoing commitment to driving innovation across the business.

Known as “community analytics,” the initiative will be accessible by eBay’s 16,400 employees, and will incorporate social aspects of active collaboration, including content creation, sharing and open discussion. Joomla CMS supports eBay’s expansion of community-oriented knowledge sharing and information discovery.

“eBay has always made it a key priority to encourage employees to collaborate and drive business innovation,” said Bob Page, eBay vice president, analytics platform, “We are working with the open source community to elevate insightful ideas and innovations across our company, from our greatest resources, our employees.”

With the largest commercial data warehouse in the world, more than 100 times larger than the Library of Congress, eBay requires immense computing capabilities to mine and decipher actionable data. The new community analytics initiative enables employees to source and analyze massive amounts of data to power ideas and learning across the company. eBay will also contribute back to the open-source community.

“eBay is a welcomed addition to the Joomla open source community,” said Ryan Ozimek, president of Open Source Matters, a not-for-profit created to provide organization, legal, and financial support to the Joomla project. “With such a large data demand, eBay is pioneering open-source employee-based projects for the enterprise.”

The announcement coincides with Joomla Day USA West 2010 being held on the eBay/PayPal North campus in San Jose, Calif. today through Sunday, Oct. 3. The event is showcasing the latest developments and best practices within the Joomla open source community, including a speech from Oliver Ratzesberger, senior director of analytics platform at eBay.

About eBay Inc.

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About Joomla!
Joomla is the world’s most popular open source CMS (content management system). With 2.5 percent of the web running on Joomla, the CMS is used by individuals, small and medium-sized business, and large organizations worldwide to easily create and build a variety of websites and web-enabled applications. Due to its power and elegance, it can be used by the most inexperienced user to the most seasoned web developer. Since its inception in 2005, Joomla has been 100 percent community owned and operated, and its software has been downloaded more than 16 million times. For more information, visit www.joomla.org.