Easy Social Shop Team up With Shopify to Facilitate Social Commerce

Easy Social Shop, a leading Facebook commerce solution, today announced a partnership with popular ecommerce platform Shopify, in a bid to make social commerce easier than ever for Shopify merchants.

The partnership means that Shopify will offer the Easy Social Shop application in its app store, allowing Shopify merchants to easily build an effective marketing and sales platform on social media through Easy Social Shop.

Launched in 2011, Easy Social Shop boasts nearly 100,000 merchants the world over, hosting over 8 million items. The platform is designed to maximize the social media presence of companies in order to drive sales, boost awareness and help reach new markets and consumers.

Taking Selling Social

Available in 7 languages, Easy Social Shop is a social commerce mechanism that allows online merchants to import their e-commerce stores to a Facebook shop for free – and now, that includes Shopify stores.

Easy Social Shop hosts almost 100,000 shops, driving an average 10%-18% sales growth for its merchants overall.

The platform is simple to set up and enables transactions to occur on the original site itself, streamlining the sales and analytics process. Shops built through Easy Social Shop are customizable, can be translated into 7 different languages, allow cross-platform sharing across social media, and are seamlessly integrated with eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, Magento and other major e-commerce platforms.

Nissim Lehyani, the Easy Social Shop’s CEO and Co-Founder, had this to say:

“Every business and corporation has an e-commerce presence, and one of the biggest challenges for a small business is standing out. By helping businesses tap into the benefits of social media, Easy Social Shop enables the type of cross platform engagement that can level the playing field and give small business an amazing channel to new and existing markets.”

Shopify, an e-commerce store provider, powers more than 90,000 stores and has thus far enabled its merchants to sell over $3 billion of merchandise.

By offering the Easy Social Shop app on the app store, Shopify continues to stimulate the growth and success of its user base. Both Easy Social Shop and Shopify have developed user-friendly platforms that offer extensive and versatile capabilities without requiring coding experience.

Ofir Tahor, the CTO and Co-Founder of Easy Social Shop, commented on the status of Shopify:

“Shopify provides SMBs with an e-commerce presence that can help transform them into successful companies. They are a natural partner for us since we, too, are committed to helping SMBs take advantage of existing technology to spur further success through solutions that are simple, effective, and offer great functionality.”

To find out more about Easy Social Shop,visit their official website.

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