e107 re-brands and releases version 1.0

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e107 Inc. announces new branding and the release of v1.0 of its website content management system.

For the past 9 years the open-source CMS e107 has been mostly a hobby project of a few dedicated PHP developers. Despite its lack of funding or marketing over that time, e107 has continued to be a favorite CMS for the 150,000+ people and companies who use it. e107's strength lies in it's simple, intuitive interface and flexible architecture which allows the system to perform well on anything from blogs and personal websites to business sites and intranets.

“For many years e107 lacked some of the ‘eye-candy' of other content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla.”, says Cameron Hanly, CEO of e107 Inc. “It was like a powerful engine in the body of an old-looking car and we believe some may have overlooked the potential of our CMS as a result.”

Now, e107 Inc. hopes to change that with its new website design, new branding and a new release of it's software – v1.0.

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