e107 CMS version 0.7.19 is out

A new release of the open source cms, e107 has been made available. See below for an except from the post by McFly of the dev team:

This is a non-urgent upgrade. We've produced this release for a few reasons:

1) As part of the move to subversion, we changed the headers of most files to contain the new svn related keywords. Unfortunately this means that all users must replace their current files with the new ones, otherwise the file inspector won't like it. You will notice the upgrade packages are much larger for this upgrade.

2) I have a script that I wrote that creates the builds from cvs. I was able to set a few values in a configuration file, kick of the script, and have nice release files a minute or so later. Well, obviously the cvs related commands are no longer valid. I've recoded most of the script and it now uses svn commands. It can now also handle 0.7 and 0.8 builds (previous version could not). It was used to create this build, so it needs live testing.

3) We needed to get everyone upgraded successfully to .19 with the new build system, just in case we needed to get a security release out quickly (nothing known about currently). Allowing everyone to carefully upgrade now as they find time is much easier than trying to do it quickly later.

Please carefully perform your upgrades and let us know of any problems you find.

As always, you can find the link to downloads here: http://e107.org/edownload.php