DrupalCon: Masterminds of Drupal Meet Under One Roof

DrupalCon 2010 takes place April 19-21 in San Francisco, with an experts day on the 17th and break-out unconference collaborative sessions on the 18th. This unique timeline offers Drupal experts a week of eye-opening events and allows those new to this powerful CMS three days to get their feet wet.

DrupalCon 2010 boasts six tracks of sessions dedicated to every facet of Drupal, from new users to administrators to business owners and everything in between. Here’s what attendees can pick from:

  • First Impressions: Get a comprehensive overview of each aspect of Drupal, including tutorials and video presentations. Learn all about Drupal processes, concepts and modules in a way that won’t leave you scratching your head.
  • Style and Substance: This track deals with the end-user Drupal experience from design to theme to usability. It highlights Drupal’s interaction with designers, usability experts and information architects. The focus here is singularly on enhancing the functionality and usability of Drupal sites.
  • Under The Hood: Do you know your way around the Drupal code in your sleep? This panel is for you. This is your chance to drive Drupal’s future development and learn all about Drupal 7. You’ll also share advice for best practices in all areas of Drupal, from building modules to deploying sites.
  • Code-free Success: So you’re allergic to code but you otherwise know Drupal inside and out? Learn how to use all that Drupal offers to set up and configure sites, manage content and best employ your users to expand your system.
  • Leveraging Drupal for Your Business: This track is for all those business owners who have harnessed the power of Drupal to grow their business. If you’ve just recently switched your business to Drupal for your CMS needs, you’ll discover ways to put Drupal to work for your bottom line.
  • Providing Professional Drupal Services: Here’s where to meet and mingle with like-minded professionals who have made Drupal the centerpiece of their business. Learn how to accelerate your growth, cope with process changes and prepare for the future.

DrupalCon 2010 promises to leave every Drupal user light years ahead of where they started, whether you’re a babe in the woods or an acknowledged expert. Meet in San Francisco to share old tricks and learn new ones.