Drupal Theme Sites and Drupal Resources List

In an effort to make things easier for those searching for resources for Drupal, we decided to put together a list of known resources broken down by category.

Hopefully this will provide a solid starting point for future Drupal users.

When it comes to Drupal Theme sites there are quite a few that haven't updated in ages and show the same themes that Drupal.org lists in hopes of gaining traffic. We will do our best to exclude those ones here in order to prevent you from having to waste your time seeing the same stuff over and over again.

Drupal Themes – Free

Drupal.org Themes Section
This section is updated regularly with new theme submissions.

A small selection of free drupal offerings.

Siteground – Drupal Themes
Siteground has a few original drupal themes for download.

Free CMS Templates
Has 5 or 6 free drupal templates for download.

Drupal Master
A reasonable selection of around 10 or so drupal themes.

Two free Drupal 5.x themes

Drupal Themes – Commercial

TopNotchThemes.com – Commercial Drupal Themes
A nice collection of Drupal Themes. They are all commercial and a bit on the expensive side but still quite nice.

Has a nice selection of Commercial Drupal themes. Good for magazine/news sites.

Some commercial drupal themes. Some of the colors are pretty ghastly but hey, take what you can get right?

1 or 2 free themes mixed in with their collection of commercial offerings.

Artisteer Drupal Theme Generator
A theme generator for Drupal

A very nice collection of reasonably priced Drupal themes.

CMS Lounge
Another nice collection of well priced Drupal themes.

Currently only has a single premium theme but it's a nice one. Here's hoping they expand and do more.

Drupal Resources

Tons of excellent Drupal Videos. One of the best resources out there.

Probably the single most well known group of Drupal developers other than the core team themselves. Tons of great resources and articles on their site as well.

Home of the commercial distribution of Drupal and a number of resources and addons.

Drupal Dude
A good site with a number of articles and videos.

Drupal Dojo
A number of screencasts to help Drupalers.

Learn by the Drop
A place to learn Drupal

Do you have others that should be added? Let us know in the comments below and we ‘ll take a look.