Drupal 7.25 Released

A new version of Drupal has been released. This maintenance release, Drupal 7.25, includes bug fixes and small API/feature improvements only (no major new functionality).

There were no security fixes made in this release, likely because none were identified.  

Here are the major changes made in this release:

  • Added an optional feature to the Statistics module to allow node views to be tracked by Ajax requests rather than during the server-side generation of the page. This allows the node counter to work on sites that use external page caches (string change and new administrative option: https://drupal.org/node/2164069).
  • Fixed a bug in node_save() which prevented the saved node from being updated in hook_node_insert() and other similar hooks.
  • Added a meta tag to install.php to prevent it from being indexed by search engines even when Drupal is installed in a subfolder (minor markup change).
  • Fixed a bug in the database API that caused frequent deadlock errors when running merge queries on some servers.
  • Performance improvement: Prevented block rehashing from writing blocks to the database on every cache clear and cron run when the blocks have not changed. This fix results in an extra ‘saved' key which is added and set to TRUE for each block returned by _block_rehash() that actually is saved to the database (data structure change).
  • Added an optional ‘skip on cron' parameter to hook_cron_queue_info() to allow queues to avoid being automatically processed on cron runs (API addition).
  • Fixed a bug which caused hook_block_view_MODULE_DELTA_alter() to never be invoked if the block delta had a hyphen in it. To implement the hook when the block delta has a hyphen, modules should now replace hyphens with underscores when constructing the function name for the hook implementation.
  • Fixed a bug which caused cached pages to sometimes be sent to the browser with incorrect compression. The fix adds a new ‘page_compressed' key to the $cache->data array returned by drupal_page_get_cache() (minor data structure change).
  • Fixed broken tests on PHP 5.5.
  • Made the File and Image modules more robust when saving entities that have deleted files attached. The code in file_field_presave() will now remove the record of the deleted file from the entity before saving (minor data structure change).
  • Standardized menu callback functions throughout Drupal core to return MENU_NOT_FOUND and MENU_ACCESS_DENIED rather than printing their own “page not found” or “access denied” pages (minor API change in the return value of these functions under some circumstances).
  • Fixed a bug in which caches were not properly cleared when a node was deleted via the administrative interface.
  • Changed the Bartik theme to render content contained in <pre>, <code> and similar tags in a larger font size, so it is easier to read.
  • Fixed a bug in the Search module that caused exceptions to be thrown during searches if the server was not configured to represent decimal points as a period.
  • Fixed a regression in the Image module that made image_style_url() not work when a relative path (rather than a complete file URI) was passed to it.
  • Added a link to the drupal.org documentation page for cron to the Cron settings page (string change).
  • Added a ‘drupal_anonymous_user_object' variable to allow the anonymous user object returned by drupal_anonymous_user() to be overridden with a classed object (API addition).
  • Changed the database API to allow inserts based on a SELECT * query to work correctly.
  • Changed the database schema of the {file_managed} table to allow Drupal to manage files larger than 4 GB.
  • Changed the File module's hook_field_load() implementation to prevent file entity properties which have the same name as file or image field properties from overwriting the field properties (minor API change).

For a full list of changes in this release, check out these release notes.