DotNetNuke Corp. Upgrades Popular Web Content Management Platform

DotNetNuke Corp., the company behind the most widely adopted Web Content Management Platform for Microsoft .NET, today introduced support for two innovative new products from Microsoft: WebMatrix and Razor. New adopters of DotNetNuke with limited technical experience can take advantage of the WebMatrix development environment to efficiently build their web site. More experienced developers can leverage the deep DotNetNuke integration with Razor to more quickly and easily create powerful extensions for the DotNetNuke platform. Version 5.6 of DotNetNuke also now includes a Configuration Manager feature which simplifies web site administrative tasks. In addition, the new DotNetNuke Solution Packages enable customers to get up to speed faster and take full advantage of the commercial editions of DotNetNuke.

– Available today is deep integration of the new Razor scripting syntax which Microsoft launched at CodeMash last week. Supported as a core aspect of the DotNetNuke platform, Razor enables developers to quickly and easily create custom extensions for their DotNetNuke web site or web application.

– Through support of WebMatrix, new adopters of DotNetNuke with limited technical experience can now take advantage of the WebMatrix development environment to efficiently build web sites.

– DotNetNuke 5.6.1 features a new Configuration Manager that allows a host user to manage the various configuration files that control the run-time operation of DotNetNuke. Administrators can now select the desired configuration file and load it into a multi-line textbox in a web browser where modifications can be made manually and changes can be saved where they will take effect immediately. Administrators can also upload a Configuration Merge script which can be used to automate many of the more repetitive and complex configuration operations.

– New DotNetNuke Solution Packages enable organizations deploying the DotNetNuke Professional or Enterprise Editions to get up to speed faster, lower their operating costs, and take full advantage of all the available product features. Users can choose the most appropriate package for their situation: Pro Quick Start for first-time DotNetNuke users; Pro Upgrade or Pro Elite for current DotNetNuke users; or, Enterprise Quick Start or Enterprise Elite for advanced users. The Solution Packages include a product subscription and product training in all versions and installation assistance and higher levels of technical support in some of the versions.

– Organizations use DotNetNuke to quickly develop and deploy interactive and dynamic web sites, intranets, extranets and web applications. The DotNetNuke platform is available in a free Community and subscription-based Professional and Enterprise Editions. DotNetNuke Corp. also operates, where users purchase third-party module and skin apps for the DotNetNuke platform.

– DotNetNuke is the fastest growing open source web CMS ever with over 1,000 subscription customers, 33,000 Snowcovered customers, and 400 percent year-over-year growth. Connect with us online: (company) or (Snowcovered marketplace); DotNetNuke blogs; and the DotNetNuke Community LinkedIn Group.

According to Shaun Walker, Co-Founder and CTO of DotNetNuke Corp., “DotNetNuke is thrilled to debut support for Microsoft WebMatrix and the exciting new Razor syntax with our latest product release. In addition, the new Configuration Manager feature will allow users to more efficiently administer their DotNetNuke web site. I am also very pleased to launch our new Solution Packages which will enable new Professional and Enterprise Edition customers to get up to speed faster while taking full advantage of the features in those products.”