DotNetNuke Corp. Announces Migration of the Core Platform to C#

DotNetNuke Corp., the company behind the most widely adopted Web Content Management Platform for Microsoft .NET, announced its intention to shift the primary core development language for its award-winning DotNetNuke core platform from Visual Basic (VB.NET) to C#.

The first official release of the DotNetNuke platform available in C# will be Version 6.0 which will be publicly available for users of the DotNetNuke Community, Professional and Enterprise Editions in Q2 2011, with the first Community Technology Preview available in early March.

In recent years there has been a much greater emphasis on the C# language in the .NET ecosystem in terms of innovation, tooling, and examples. In switching to C#, DotNetNuke Corporation believes its developer community and install base will benefit from greater access to development resources, source code examples, and enterprise acceptance.

A Community Technology Preview will be available in early March which will provide the opportunity for users and developers to get early access to the recently converted C# platform. Community participation and feedback will play a vital role in ensuring a high quality final release.

The .NET Framework provides design-time, compile-time, and run-time support for multiple programming languages. As a result, the DotNetNuke API will preserve full compatibility through this transition. This means that all platform extensions will continue to be fully compatible with the C# DotNetNuke 6.0 core.

DotNetNuke extensions developers, commercial or otherwise, will not be negatively impacted by the change as they will continue to be able to develop and deploy custom extensions in their preferred software development language including VB.NET or C#.

DotNetNuke is the fastest growing open source web CMS ever on .NET with over 1,100 subscription customers, 33,000 Snowcovered customers, 400 percent year-over-year growth, and more than 600,000 production web sites worldwide. Connect with us online: (company) or (Snowcovered marketplace); DotNetNuke blogs; and the DotNetNuke Community LinkedIn Group.

According to Shaun Walker, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of DotNetNuke Corp., “As a long-time Visual Basic developer, I have personally witnessed the gradual shift in the .NET developer market as C# has become the dominant choice for the enterprise. After extensive technical and business analysis, I believe the time is right for DotNetNuke to make the move to C#. I believe this migration will accelerate the adoption and deployment of the DotNetNuke Web Content Management Platform and make our product more attractive to a wider audience.”