DotNetNuke 6.2 now available

Communication is the lifeblood of relationships

Naturally a business that communicates well internally and with customers is going to be more efficient, supportive to clients, and will result in increasing revenue. With that being said, good communication does not always come naturally even in this age of information. A company needs the tools to facilitate easy communication to build connections and the sense of community. The buzz of excitement about DNN 6.2 has had many anticipating the availability of this highly “social” cms. With the promise of deeply integrated social community and collaborative features, the “buzz” and anticipation is justified.

“Organizations of all sizes now have a powerful WCMS combined with robust social tools – all at an affordable price,” stated Shaun Walker, CTO and co-founder of DotNetNuke Corp.  “Building an effective online community is a proven strategy to improve productivity and get closer to your customers.  With DotNetNuke, businesses now have the capabilities to deploy online social solutions much faster, that are fully integrated with their external and internal websites, without the high cost of customization associated with current enterprise offerings in the market.”

What are others saying about these features?

“As one of the most popular independent websites in Canada, we needed a web content solution that seamlessly supported a modern community model,” said Maggie Leithead, CEO of CharityVillage, Canada’s supersite for the non-profit worker.  “We chose DotNetNuke because the social software on the market today wasn’t good enough on its own.  We would have had to bolt on point solutions to get the integrated community experience we now have for our members, combined with an easy-to-use content management system for our staff.  DotNetNuke is making us more efficient and allowing us to adapt faster to the needs of our community.”

“Fostering a strong community is integral to building an engaging online experience today and marketers need easy-to-use social tools that are built into their Web content management system,” said Melissa Webster, Program Vice President, Content and Digital Media Technologies at IDC. “That way, they're managing users and activity feeds and social content the same way they manage the rest of the site's content. Social tools are also a boon for internal collaboration, helping to create highly engaged, effective teams.”

You can see the common needs: “integrated community experience” and “easy-to-use social tools that are built in…” With version 6.2, DotNetNuke is poised to deliver a solution. With online community features customers can interact with each other building relationships based on common interest in your company's product or service. DNN allows creation of a social intranet allowing the same collaborative experience within the company. This can result in a tight community of employees able respond quickly to business and customer needs with ease.

Alright show me some features and capabilities!

DNN 6.2 contains a number of new capabilities that are essential for creating internal and external social communities:

• Activity feed that powers user interactions in a familiar social model


• Social groups and forums that increase team collaboration

• Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social login that drives community participation


• ‘Friend’ and ‘Follow’ controls that encourage social relationships

• Private messaging that offers an alternative community communication model


• Interactive user profile that offers detailed personalization options


• Member directory that makes it easy to find and  connect with other people


• Social API enables developers to make their apps social, drive visibility and usage

• SharePoint 2010 integration makes it easy to publish enterprise documents to external sites

• Fully localized platform in Dutch, French, German and Spanish enables customers to work in their preferred language

Communication, Collaboration, and Community Connectivity

No that is not just an impressive use of alliteration, it is a way businesses can move forward. Being connected closely to users, knowing the needs of customers, and swiftly responding enables you to provide solutions that work. DotNetNuke has provided this social web cms solution in an effort to make your job easier, not give you another job to do.

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