DotCMS Partners With Azul Systems to Improve Scalability & Reliability

DotCMS, a renowned open-source Enterprise Content Management System, has partnered up with Azul Systems an award-winning Java runtime solution.

Azul Zing ® is the Azul Systems product in question. Zing is now certified with DotCMS, enabling DotCMS users to benefit from vastly improved scalability, consistent response times and improved reliability.

DotCMS has been nominated in two categories in the 2014 CMS Awards; Best Free Java CMS and Best Open Source Java CMS.


Speed Behind the Scenes

DotCMS and Azul Systems made this partnership official following a successful Proof of Concept (POC) at a leading healthcare provider.

The healthcare provider was hosting more than 1,000 websites on a cluster of dotCMS servers running with 40 GB heaps, but was experiencing application pauses of up to 170 seconds. That's a problem.

Now, thanks to the introduction of Azul Zing, the healthcare company is experiencing dramatically improved throughput performance, higher availability and increased reliability. Problem solved.

Regarding the newly formed alliance, Will Ezell, CTO of dotCMS, had this to say:

“Our enterprise customers implement demanding use cases with dotCMS and depend on it to run their business. Deploying on Azul’s Zing enhances the scalability, responsiveness and reliability of dotCMS and assures deployments can deliver consistent, low latency response times regardless of user load.”

The CEO of Azul Systems, Scott Sellers, also chimed in:

“Companies depend on their online presence for revenue and customer service. One of Zing’s design goals was better performance for interactive web-scale applications like dotCMS, particularly those implementing rich, engaging features. By deploying dotCMS on Zing, enterprises can deliver the best possible customer experience, grow online usage without worry, and take advantage of all the advanced capabilities of dotCMS.”

To test Zing with dotCMS, you can request a free evaluation copy right here.

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