dotCMS introduces new scripting plugin that allows use of Ruby, Python, PHP, Groovy and JavaScript

The developers of dotCMS have introduced a new scripting plugin that brings a number of new integration possibilities to the popular content management system. With the introduction of this plugin, it is now possible to use Ruby, Python, PHP, Groovy and Javascript.

Here are some additional details about this new development:

The plugin is designed to allow developers who are familiar with other scripting languages to build dynamic, content driven web pages and applications and manage them through the dotCMS interface. Scripting developers can have access to the dotCMS content repository through standard contentAPIs and mix and mashup scripting and content in their applications.

“It is really the best of both worlds”, say Jason Tesser, a lead developer for dotCMS and authors of the plugin. “It allows content owners to manage content within a structured, enterprise class CMS and web developers to leverage what they already know to build rich content driven applications.”

“Long story short, I just deployed a complete php app – pastebin ( – via webDAV into dotCMS. It is permissioned, versioned, managed and served in dotCMS. Now that is just cool.”

While considered beta code, the scripting plugin is extremely usable. To learn more about the plugin, visit Additionally, there are two blog posts that describe how to get started with the plugin.

Scripting, meet dotCMS:

dotCMS runs PHP: