DotCMS 3.1 Released

DotCMS, the popular Java, open-source, content management system, has released its latest version.

This update brings about pages-as-content, enhanced workflows, and more. DotCMS 3.0 was released in early December 2014.

“More Power & Creativity”

DotCMS' new “Pages-as-Content” feature allows you to extend DotCMS content concepts to pages, including; custom Page types, different versions for different language and the ability to create custom attributes per HTML page.

Pages are also able to be used in queries and searchable like other content types in the dotCMS Authoring Environment. Also added with this feature is the ability for pages to have any extension i.e., .html, .json, .dot, or even have no extension at all.

Since DotCMS' Pages are now handled as content, Custom Workflows can work with HTML Pages and you can include “whole pages” in a workflow. This capability will help user experience designers use dotCMS custom workflows more effectively and efficiently, with less code.

Furthermore, by popular demand, Pages can now be added to the root of a website (host), whereas previous versions would allow files only.

DotCMS has also made some improvements to their Elastic search system and now supports UTF-8 encoding in URLs.

The company has said that DotCMS 3.1 will, “bring more power and creativity in delivering dynamic, content-driven user experiences across devices and platforms.”

For all the details on DotCMS 3.1, check out their official blog announcement.

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