docSTAR, a leading provider of document-driven process automation solutions, announced docSTAR version 3.12 document management software. docSTAR 3twelve offers several major enhancements, including expanded rules-based workflow automation, an extensive business analytics reporting tool, new group security features and embedded Active Directory/Lightweight Directory Protocol (AD/LDAP) integration.

“docSTAR 3twelve delivers an improved workflow system, a graphical workflow designer, and a new business analytics reporting tool. Using docSTAR’s sophisticated workflow and business analytics, organizations can automate, monitor, and report on document-driven business processes, which results in greater productivity”, says Ray Emirzian, VP of Product Management. “Additionally, docSTAR 3twelve adds a new level of security and administrative sophistication. IT managers will love how easy the system is to set up and maintain.”

Automated Rules-based Workflows
docSTAR 3twelve contains a powerful workflow system that enables unlimited workflow possibilities. The workflow system allows organizations to:

  • Distribute documents to users or groups automatically.
  • Send automatic notifications.
  • Provide guided user interaction.
  • Allow automated index information acquisition at any point in the process.
  • Create any number of automated or user-guided steps that include multiple possible branches.

About docSTAR
docSTAR is a recognized leader of comprehensive and integrated document management solutions. docSTAR allows instant access to documents and immediate cost savings while delivering ease of use, fast implementation, safety, and security. For more information, go to

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