Django CMS 3.3: The Fastest Version of Django CMS to Date

django CMS 3.3 has been unveiled, and it brings about; speed, enhanced usability, and a whole bunch of other background improvements.


After being voted as the Best Open Source CMS of 2015; django CMS has gone from strength to strength, boasting nearly 80,000 downloads to date – a figure that continues to rise.

They also have more than 300 developers contributing to their open source project.

django CMS 3.3 builds upon the user interface improvements and touch-screen support features that were brought along with django CMS 3.2.

To get us started, here's a video of django CMS 3.3 in action:

Speedier & Easier

First of all, django CMS is now noticeably faster. See for yourself below:


On the left, you have django CMS 3.2, and on the right, you have the far speedier django CMS 3.3 (this test was carried out on django CMS' Aldryn Cloud platform).

Furthermore, the django CMS team has modified the admin dashboard toolbar.

menus-325 (1)

django users will notice that the History button has been placed in the sub-menu beneath Page. Also, the Language button has been moved to the right, and the View Published button has been renamed to View Published Page.

Those are relatively small changes, but together, I think they make the toolbar look far cleaner. Plus, the View Published button was far too vague, so I'm glad to see it replaced.

“[django CMS 3.3] Benefits Those With Large & Complex Sites”

django CMS' core development team member, Martin Koistinen, had the following to say upon the release of django CMS 3.3:

“We’re especially pleased with the performance improvements we’ve been able to achieve in this release, which particularly benefit users with very large and complex sites. django CMS is now more scalable than ever, and we’ll be building on this progress in future releases.”

As for the rest of the features included in this update, you can find them all via the django CMS 3.3 release notes.

More details on the release of django CMS 3.3 can be found on the django CMS blog.

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