Ditching the Paper Trail: 4 Sleek Invoicing Software Services

Always leave a paper trail – it’s something every business owner has heard at one time or another.

It’s a proven and tested point of advice for professionals. It’s echoed through university courses, how-to lists, and business seminars. It’s right up there with the customer always being right and time being money.

But the point behind the paper trail is efficient management. It’s less about the appeal of a desk overflowing with sheets and more about the ability to locate and find information when it is needed. For businesses, invoicing software has made it possible to have the trail without the paper.

Cash is giving way to cards and even phones as the primary method of transferring credit. Truck drives are now required by law to replace their paper logbooks with electronic logging devices. The paper age could be on its way out – meaning nabbing the right paperless invoicing software is key for business owners and entrepreneurs. Here are four of the top options out there.

  1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is aimed at small businesses, and these organizations often have the biggest needs when it comes to invoice organization. Small companies that grow quickly often find themselves being overwhelmed by the stack of papers they have to keep track of.

Not only does this software allow users to create professional-looking invoices, organize them easily, and receive payment for them via credit card, it allows for automation of those tasks small business owners must get used to. From sending out reminders to determining deposit charges, FreshBooks can be a budding business’s best friend for ditching the paper-based accounting approach.

  1. HouseCall Pro

Paper invoicing can get a lot more complex when there are multiple locations involved. Trying to mail, fax, or deliver documents between multiple locations can be cumbersome. It can also be risky, especially when those documents have important financial data on them.

HouseCall Pro uses a cloud-based platform to allow for seamless sharing and streamlined workflows. Made for the from-home entrepreneur who wants the right tools to succeed, this platform can be run from a smartphone and is one of the highest rated apps out there for running a business.

  1. BigTime

As the name suggests, this software is based around paperless management of billing and time. For companies looking to make sure they’re getting the most out of every hour and accurately utilizing all their resources, BigTime is a top choice.

The software is available for a 14-day free trial, allowing growing businesses to try before they buy and see how much time they save. After all, time is money.

  1. TimeSolv

Another top choice for managing invoices and time, TimeSolv allows for easy creation of client-specific invoices, timesheets, schedules, and more. These logs can be edited and corrected as needed, making it easy to track data accurately.

The software also makes it possible to streamline the management of entire projects, assigning tasks and the costs that go with them for efficient daily operations without the paper pile.

There you have it, if you are looking to ditch the paper trail and go electronic, try one of these 4 Sleek Invoicing Software Services and let us know your thoughts.