A Content Management System Equally Loved by Marketing and IT.

EVOQ provides a comprehensive set of features your entire team will love.

Marketers love the simple yet powerful page and content editing experience. Unlike other CMS content management systems that only get in the way, EVOQ puts marketers in control of their site, which enables their digital marketing success.

IT loves the security, performance and extensibility. They find it easier to build custom applications on top of Evoq, compared to competitive platforms. In addition, they love that Marketing can independently manage their content and campaigns.

EVOQ has a rich set of capabilities for Marketers and IT professionals. It takes your website where you want it to be, in a timeframe that will surprise you. It includes built-in connectors to Box, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and SharePoint, making it easy to access any piece of content or digital asset from a single window. In addition, EVOQ provides an easy-to-navigate folder structure for documents.

DeveloperDNN Software
Hosting TypeOn Premise, Cloud
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  • Unleash the competitive spirit within your user community

    We don't like it when someone is ahead of us. If your fitness tracker shows your friend ahead of you by 1,000 steps, you'll figure out how to squeeze an extra walk into your day. EVOQ's Leaderboard taps into people's natural competitive spirit to drive higher activity and engagement on your site.

  • EVOQ's back-end CMS menus are all mobile-responsive

    Since it's necessary to provide a great mobile experience to visitors, shouldn't the same apply to the CMS itself? All of the administration in EVOQ (e.g. menus, persona bar, dashboards, etc.) are mobile-ready, which means you can manage your CMS from mobile devices. Launch a new page while on the go, or moderate a flagged comment from your tablet.

  • Insights-driven dashboards to stay on top of community engagement

    To stay on top of things, community managers need powerful, yet easy-to-use analytics dashboards. EVOQ provides dashboards purpose-built for community managers, empowering them to keep their fingers on the pulse of members and their activity.

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