CONTENS CMS is an intuitive and expandable Web Content Management platform for websites, intranets and extranets. Key features include the intuitive WYSIWYG GUI, smart features for multilingual sites and the easy adaptation to individual requirements. CONTENS relate is a modular and customizable social network solution for tailored company portals, brand communities and partner-, customer- and employee portals. Several well-known companies rely on the products provided by CONTENS, such as Allianz, Biotest, Goethe-Institut, John Deere, the Swiss canton of Fribourg, Max-Planck-Society, McDonald's Germany, manager-lounge, OBI, Primagas, ratiopharm, RTL interactive, RTL Group, the City of Biel, Solarlux, Deutsche Telekom, Toyota Insurance Management, UniCredit Direct Services and VOX.

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