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TestFairy 6 LIKES
TestFairy provides you with a video of the exact test that was done on your app, including CPU, Memory, GPS, Network and a lot more.
Cross Browser Testing Lets you test your websites on the same browsers and devices your customers use. It's all done via physical devices, instead of emulators.
Experitest 8 LIKES
Experitest is an on-site and cloud-hosted suite of app management, automation, testing, and live monitoring tools.
TestObject 19 LIKES
TestObject provides you with hundreds of physical Android and iOS devices for your manual and automated tests.
TestLauncher 3 LIKES
TestLauncher automates software testing and leverage their in-house QA team to use and find faults within your app.
HockeyApp 17 LIKES
Free and powered by Microsoft, HockeyApp lets you bring Mobile DevOps to your apps with beta distribution, crash reporting, user metrics, feedback, and powerful workflow integrations.
Testdroid is a free and open source mobile app tester, which allows for continuous app testing on real devices. It works for iOS and Android, and is used for game testing also.
BetaEasy 14 LIKES
BetaEasy simplifies your software beta testing by collecting customers feedback for you. All you have to do to do is create an account for your application, create a project, and invite users to leave their feedback.
Keynote Mobile Testing delivers powerful test automation features combined with total manual device control.
TestFlight 27 LIKES
Apple's very own TestFlight beta testing software makes it easy to invite users to test your iOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps before you release them on the App Store. You can invite up to 2,000 testers using nothing but their email address.
Applause 16 LIKES
Applause tests your apps against a range of valuable factors. Those factors include locations, devices, connectivity strengths, outdated operating systems, and more. Plus, all testing is done through real devices, without emulators.
Testmunk 2 LIKES
Testmunk helps you scale up your app testing by introducing mobile test automation. Your team can rely on our expertise to build testcases and quickly execute testruns on dozens of real iOS and Android devices.
Browser Stack 3 LIKES
Wave goodbye to your lab of devices and virtual machines. Browser Stack gives you access to real mobile and desktop browsers so you can test your websites and apps.
Perfecto 8 LIKES
Perfecto's cloud-based mobile app testing lab gives you the power to know how your mobile app functions on any device, anywhere in the world. Their software is designed to help you find faults before you go to market, so you can deliver great digital experiences.

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