Developer Friendly CMS YikeSite Celebrates 5 Years

YikeSite recently hit its 5th birthday milestone and we're taking the opportunity to launch our new API with continued focus on developers.

Here is a list of new additions to our API:


Today we are announcing an expanded JSON/REST API that resellers can use to create websites and manage content entirely via direct calls to the YikeSite web service. This will allow app developers to create fully functioning websites in just a few lines of code. We're really excited about what developers will do with our API and we've put a few integration ideas on our new developers page: and we have updated our example app showcasing the new features at

MetaWeblog XML-RPC

Each page in YikeSite comes with out-of-the-box XML-RPC functionality. We have configured each page in a site to behave like its own blog where sub-pages behave like blog posts. Because of the MetaWeblog API, customers can use 3rd party tools such as MarsEdit ( or have content pushed to it from a content marketing tool such as Intigi (

“Always On” RSS

Each page in a site has an RSS feed. All you need to do is add “.rss” to any page and the RSS feed will return all visible sub-pages. Each sub-page shows up as an entry in any given page's RSS feed.

Customer Signup Notifications

Each YikeSite reseller gets to have their own signup form to receive signups to their branded CMS. We notify Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor with the contact details of each signup. If you want to roll your own notifications into your own app, we also support webhooks (

More Features

In addition to the above API features we are pleased to announce the following features:

1. Markdown Editor

Markdown is a markup language that is growing in popularity and allows people to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid HTML. In addition to our simple WYSIWYG editor we have just released a page setting which will allow customers to edit all or a portion of their site's pages using Markdown.

2. WYSIWYG Editor Enhancements

The new simplified WYSIWYG editor features integrated Flickr and YouTube embedding as well as advanced table formatting. And as always, this in-place editor allows the end-user to edit the content and see exactly how it will look while working.

For more information, check out YikeSite