Demandbase Unveils New Web Service to Dramatically Decrease Web Site Abandonment  and Increase Online Conversion Rates

Demandbase, Inc., a technology company providing marketing performance-improvement solutions, today announced the availability of a new Real-Time ID Service for Web Forms, enabling B2B marketers to overcome low customer conversion rates and poor data quality common in online marketing. Marketers can plug the API-based web service into existing online forms and instantly see higher ROI on any program that relies on web site visitors to submit information, including Google paid search, email, webinars, banner ads, social media and other lead generation programs. This latest product launch follows the Demandbase API for LivePerson web chat, driving higher sales and support sufficiency for online chat.

“B2B Marketers are faced with poor cost-per-lead metrics relative to their B2C counterparts, and are still struggling with how to monetize web traffic into actual sales leads.” said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase.  “So many marketing and lead gen campaigns depend on visitors completing some kind of registration, inquiry, or lead form for success. With more than 97 percent of visitors lost, web form abandonment becomes the Achilles heel for B2B marketers. “

The Real-time ID Service for Web Forms plugs in to existing forms to identify businesses and critical company or account information. This enables significantly shorter forms that more visitors will complete because information like company address, industry, revenues, or number of employees can simply be appended in the background.  With the amount of information often requested of Web visitors–frequently more than ten questions–typically only two to three percent of web visitors will bother to complete the form.  In addition, a large portion of information entered by visitors is either inaccurate or inconsistently formatted, making it difficult for marketers to merge into CRM and Marketing Automation systems for retargeting or qualification for sales follow up. The Demandbase Real Time ID Service for Web Forms greatly increases both the accuracy and the quantity of information on a potential lead that is fed in to sales and marketing databases.

”The improved conversion rates, increased data quality, automated data hygiene, and deeper information made possible by the new Real-Time ID Service offers ‘no brainer’ economics for any B2B marketer that cares about lead volume, cost per lead, and, ultimately, revenue,” added Golec.

Leading marketers are adopting the Real-Time ID Service to advance their online marketing performance results. “Demandbase’s new Real-Time ID Service provides deeper web site visitor intelligence which drives faster conversions, higher quality leads and lower costs per lead,” said Lisa Kost, vice president of corporate marketing and global field marketing for ArcSight. “Demandbase has helped us fine-tune the front end of our demand generation engine and increase our pipeline velocity while improving efficiencies between our sales and marketing teams.”

The real-time identification of key accounts is made possible by Demandbase’s Business Resolution Platform, which uses proprietary algorithms that intelligently combine a database of 800 million IP addresses across North America and Europe, over 30 million business contacts, and information from  social networks critical for business including Facebook and LinkedIn.  This multi-tiered process ensures that target accounts are identified by Demandbase in a fraction of a second and appended with the most current information, fully standardized for CRM and marketing automation systems.  The cloud-based service has matched more than 1 billion visits in 2010 and currently identifies more than 100 million businesses every month without the use of cookies or tracking personal information.