Daydream Announce Major Upgrade To FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager 3.4.1

Daydream, have recently announced a key upgrade to their FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager software. The upgrade introduces a host of new and powerful features to the system, including: fine control over permissions for users and user groups, upgraded authentication architecture to allow better integration with third-party authentication providers and the release of their Open Image Studio for the open source version – a powerful add-on that allows end users to manipulate images directly in the system.

“We believe that this latest upgrade will offer end users far better control over core system functions and many useful asset manipulation features. Our Open Image Studio has always been a popular facility in our enterprise implementations, so we are pleased to roll this out to all FocusOPEN users, regardless of their licence status” said Ralph Windsor, Project Director at Daydream. “The Open Image Studio allows end users to crop, rotate, flip and resize images from within the system – thereby reducing time and saving money on expensive specialist software, such as Adobe Photoshop” he explained.

Other key features in the 3.4.1 upgrade include:

  • New groups permissions scheme: Allows granular control over users and group permissions.
  • Authentication plug-in architecture: Allows integration with third-party authentication providers
  • Open Image Studio: Allows cropping, flipping, rotating and re-sizing of images
  • New options for multi-user collaboration on lightboxes
  • Active Directory integration ported from Enterprise version (Commercial Edition only)
  • Email broadcast facility: Allows batches of messages to be sent to users
  • Offline zip order processing: Prepares large zip in the background
  • Enhanced embedded metadata: Allows different mapping rules for each asset type
  • Physical asset option and physical asset ordering features
  • Delivery instructions for physical assets
  • PDF contact sheets for lightbox and order manager
  • New home page custom ‘tab' control with URLs to searches
  • Change fields in list view for different asset types
  • New notify when published simplified workflow feature
  • Exclude asset types from default searches
  • Disable or enable shopping cart selection
  • Enhanced API features

The new edition can be downloaded free of charge from the FocusOPEN site. FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager is an open source system, distributed under both AGPL and Commercial licenses. A range of in-the-cloud service plans, priority support packages and other professional services are also available. For more information on how to licence FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager and to find out more about our supporting services, visit: