Daydream Announce Major Update To FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager 3.3.9

Open Source Digital Asset Management vendor, Daydream ( have announced a major upgrade to their FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager software. This latest edition provides a wealth of new features including: customizable metadata, new preview plug-in architecture and a dedicated JavaScript scripting engine.

“We've worked hard with this release to address flexibility and provide user configurable features with an extendible architecture that allows developers to add their own features and enhancements” said Ralph Windsor, Managing Director at Daydream. “The new preview plug-in architecture and scripting engine has got us really excited. Users can assemble custom preview plug-ins for FocusOPEN in client-side technologies like Flash and JQuery as well as implement custom server-side functionality using the scripting engine. Developers can now leverage FocusOPEN's robust and powerful .NET application infrastructure, without having to modify the core code.” He concluded.

The team have also extended the system control available to system administrators.

“Our aim is to ensure that much of the FocusOPEN system is configurable without engineering know-how and to transfer greater architectural control into the hands of system administrators.” Windsor explained. “Our latest feature allows system administrators to add, edit, order and even select field types for metadata, via a simple control panel and without code-level amendment. These features empower support teams and significantly hasten system configuration, allowing our users to get up and running fast with a system that better reflects their unique business requirements.”

Top features in this latest 3.3.9 release include:

  • User customisable metadata: allows new metadata fields to be added, edited and ordered.
  • User customisable field types: choose from radiobuttons, dropdown menus, presets, checkboxes, text fields or text areas.
  • User customisable advanced filter search.
  • Preview plug-ins: allows asset preview customisation and provides a new plug-in manager.
  • FocusOPEN application scripting engine: allows custom server-side JavaScript to be called using the REST protocol.
  • Enhanced email format settings: allows system administrators to control email registration rules.
  • AJAX lightbox controls: provides a smoother user interface experience for lightbox tasks.
  • Enhanced template cataloguing: allows groups of existing assets to be quickly re-catalogued.
  • Batch asset re-processing feature: for re-submitting assets to the Asset Processing Server.
  • Batch update asset permissions.
  • Custom bitmap creation feature: allows system administrators to generate multiple bitmaps for thumbnails or custom viewers at any dimensions required.

FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager is available as an open source download distributed under split AGPL and Commercial licenses. A range of in-the-cloud service plans, priority support packages and other professional services are also available. For further information on how to purchase FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager and to find out more about our supporting services, visit: or contact Daydream on +44(0) 20 7096 1471.